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Beyond Bread - London, UK

If you have gluten intolerance or suffer from Celiac disease, you know just how hard it is to find baked goods and breakfast pastries. Especially those that taste the way traditional wheat-based products used to. Well, if you happen to find yourself in London, or just feel like exploring a new destination as a culinary tourist, then Beyond Bread is exactly what you are looking for. The Grub: Beyond Bread is a exclusively gluten free cafe/bakery that offers a fairly wide selection of bread, pastries, cakes and breakfast items that meet Celiac standards. Croissants, scones, buns and twists - it was very exciting to see the variety of baked items available that, quite honestly are almost impossible to find anywhere else (especially done properly). They also offer a delicious gluten free Full English breakfast served with their amazing home-made bread to stop up the runny poached egg. When I saw waffles on the menu - I knew I would have to go back the very next day which was, as e

Alfonso's Bakery - Staten Island

It will probably surprise no one that the population of Staten Island is roughly 35% Italian-American . From its reputation to its depictions in popular film and TV, its a personality the island -  for better or worse, just can't shake. So I say, embrace it by taking a ride to Alfonso's Bakery to get yourself some authentic Italian pastries. You'll feel like a part of the crowd in no time. The Grub: Alfonso's is a purveyor of all things baked, be it breads of all shapes and sizes, cakes, cookies, canoli, and other fine Italian pastries. Starting with their selection of breads, I would highly suggest trying one of their sesame twists, if there are any left that is. Nothing's better to sop up some of Mamma's home-cooked sauce! Make sure to browse the cookie counters as well, the almond cookies and Italian rainbows are some of the best I've ever tried. Lastly, grab a half-dozen, or hey, even a dozen canoli and get out fast because there will almost c

My Old Dutch Pancake House - London, UK

Finding gluten free breakfast options can be one hell of a hassle. That is unless of course, you find yourself in London. Never in my life have I seen so many options that cater to individuals with food allergies and intolerance. On a lark my girlfriend launched a quick google search for vegan,(she is allergic to eggs) gluten free (for me) pancakes and lo-and-behold, My Old Dutch Pancake House popped up less than a mile from our hotel. Needless to say, we were thrilled! The Grub: As you would probably surmise, they have pancakes at My Old Dutch Pancake House - and quite the variety at that. Both savory and sweet pancake options can be found on the menu, sort of atypical for the US where savory pancakes aren't often served. Some of the savory options include Greek, smoked salmon, chicken curry and the namesake My Old Dutch with bacon, ham, chicken, peppers, mushrooms, sweet corn and cheese. If you're more in the mood for something sweet, don't worry, they've go

Ten Ren's Tea Time - NYC

When I first moved back to the Tri-State, I made a point to venture out to as many new restaurants as I could. My search started in a stereotypical fashion, in that I felt Manhattan's Chinatown and the adjacent neighborhood of Little Italy were a great place to start. My girlfriend was somewhat familiar with the area, and one hot summer day while walking through she suggested a stop in at Ten Ren's Tea Time . It was my very first experience with the now well-known and extremely refreshing treat - bubble tea. The Grub: While I've heard they serve food at Ten Ren's Tea Time , I'll be honest and say I've never tried it. What I really show up for is their vast list of drinks and tea concoctions, and I do mean vast. Iced tea, hot tea, fruit tea, milk tea, fresh tea, flavor blends, slush and milk ice in a variety of flavors offer customers no shortage of choice. Many of these drinks can be combined with "toppings," which, for the unfamiliar, are gummy

Tongue and Brisket - London, UK

Ever heard of a salt beef sandwich? If you don't live in London you likely haven't by name, but you may know it by taste. In the US we refer to this delicious meat product as "corned beef" but let me tell you - one is definitely better than the other. Head over to Tongue and Brisket for the best possible rendition of this English classic and see what all the fuss is about. The Grub: Tongue and Brisket serves up a delightful menu of breakfast and sandwiches to suit a variety of tastes all at very  reasonable prices. Fancy a traditional English breakfast? T&B has you covered with their Breakfast Set - 2 eggs, 2 sausages, hash brown, beans and toast. Something lighter perhaps? Beans on toast or a sausage sandwich will do just fine. The real show-stopper, and what you really should stop in for - is their Salt Beef sandwich . Perfectly cured brisket placed between two slices of rye bread with mustard and a pickle. In my opinion, it compares to or beats any

The Chipping Forecast - London, UK

One of my many goals on my first trip to London was to find a traditional plate of fish and chips. Having been recently diagnosed with Celiac disease, this seemed a bit of a far-fetched prospect. To my delight however, the UK is extremely progressive when it comes to the needs of diners suffering from allergies and food intolerance. After a quick search, I happened upon a little place called The Chipping Forecast - and boy am I glad we stopped in for a bite.  The Grub: The menu features an extensive selection of seafood options all of which sound quite delicious. Most often though it seems that people visit for their fish-and-chips which come in both traditional and gluten free varieties. You can choose from one of three fish options as well: cod, hake or haddock; I suggest the cod as it provides the most traditional experience but the haddock was also very good. The chips were cooked perfectly, chunky almost steak-style along with a small side of minted pea puree - insanely