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Donna Bells' Bake Shop - Manhattan (Now Closed)

Down-home Southern baking may be one of the last things that comes to mind when thinking about New York City. Even so, there are a few hidden spots where a home-sick Southerner or curious foodie can find authentic pastries and the like. One such location is Donna Bell's Bake Shop , tucked under the World Wide Plaza building on 49th St. in Midtown. The Grub: If you have ever found yourself in the mood for a fresh buttermilk biscuit then look no further than Donna Bell's . They typically have a variety: plain buttermilk, cheddar, ham and Swiss - lots of creative and absolutely delicious choices to be had here. Want something a little sweeter? They've got you covered! Cookies, cupcakes, scones, muffins, cakes are all available but their flavors change very regularly (sometimes daily!) so be sure to stop in often for something new! Keep in mind that they are a very small shop, so things can sell out very quickly. While you're getting something to eat, you may as we

Thai Chella - Manhattan (Now Closed)

If you find yourself in Manhattan and are in the mood for Thai food, you might as well wander over to the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood and pick from one of the dozen or more restaurants that line 9th Ave. I have had the opportunity to try nearly all of them and they tend to vary widely in quality. Whenever a new one opens up I do my best to give it a try in an endless search for the best. Currently, the best one around is a little hole-in-the-wall spot called Thai Chella. The Grub: If you've had Thai food before, you already know what's on the menu at Thai Chella . Noodle dishes, curries, fried rice and multiple iterations of stir fry make an appearance and having tried a little bit of everything here I can honestly say there's a slim chance you'll order a bad dish. I can make some specific recommendations though and suggest trying their Pad Thai (good-old standby), Thai Basil Stir Fry or their Green Curry. While their dishes may walk "the beaten path,&