The Chipping Forecast - London, UK

The Chipping Forecast, London, UK
One of my many goals on my first trip to London was to find a traditional plate of fish and chips. Having been recently diagnosed with Celiac disease, this seemed a bit of a far-fetched prospect. To my delight however, the UK is extremely progressive when it comes to the needs of diners suffering from allergies and food intolerance. After a quick search, I happened upon a little place called The Chipping Forecast - and boy am I glad we stopped in for a bite. 

The Grub:

The menu features an extensive selection of seafood options all of which sound quite delicious. Most often though it seems that people visit for their fish-and-chips which come in both traditional and gluten free varieties. You can choose from one of three fish options as well: cod, hake or haddock; I suggest the cod as it provides the most traditional experience but the haddock was also very good. The chips were cooked perfectly, chunky almost steak-style along with a small side of minted pea puree - insanely tasty. If you aren't in the mood for the fish-and-chips, I would also suggest trying the Salt and Pepper squid or Crab Balls, you can't go wrong.

My Order:

Gluten Free Cod Fish and Chips
Gluten Free Vanguard Pale Ale

The Digs:

The Chipping Forecast operates out of two locations in London but the easiest to reach if you are staying downtown is their Soho storefront. On a small quiet street, they offer outdoor seating and a decently sized dining room. Their staff is extremely friendly, helpful and accommodating for food sensitivity and allergies. Parking will be hard to find nearby so plan to take public transit or walk.

The Nitty Gritty:

Insanely good fish-and-chips!

The Chipping Forecast
(020) 7851 6688

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