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Schwartz's Deli - Montreal

While touring the streets on our second day in Montreal, we bumped into a local that gave us a few key food suggestions for our short trip. One of his suggestions, was a visit to the apparently world-famous Shwartz's Deli . Having now eaten there, I can't overstate how good it is and how it is definitely worth your time if your in town. Maybe I can help put it in perspective by posing a question: Ever heard of Katz's deli in NYC? Well, despite the calls of blasphemy by some, I can say that this is its tastier cousin. The Grub: The offerings at Schwartz's Deli aren't that wide or that varied, and honestly that's a good thing. It means that the focus is exactly where it should be, on preparing quality meats to go on some amazingly slammin' sandwiches. At the "to go" stand up store - they have 3 sandwich options: the marvelous Smoked Meat, the Turkey and the Salami sandwich. You can also get fries on the side, which I highly sugg