Ten Ren's Tea Time - NYC

Ten Ren's Tea Time, Manhattan, NYC
When I first moved back to the Tri-State, I made a point to venture out to as many new restaurants as I could. My search started in a stereotypical fashion, in that I felt Manhattan's Chinatown and the adjacent neighborhood of Little Italy were a great place to start. My girlfriend was somewhat familiar with the area, and one hot summer day while walking through she suggested a stop in at Ten Ren's Tea Time. It was my very first experience with the now well-known and extremely refreshing treat - bubble tea.

The Grub:

While I've heard they serve food at Ten Ren's Tea Time, I'll be honest and say I've never tried it. What I really show up for is their vast list of drinks and tea concoctions, and I do mean vast. Iced tea, hot tea, fruit tea, milk tea, fresh tea, flavor blends, slush and milk ice in a variety of flavors offer customers no shortage of choice. Many of these drinks can be combined with "toppings," which, for the unfamiliar, are gummy pieces or balls made of tapioca or various flavored jellies. Since these don't exactly "top" the drink and end up sinking to the bottom, you are provided with an extra wide straw to make sure you can get at every last chewy bit! Quite a fun, unique way to enjoy tea if I do say so myself. For first timers, I suggest getting a fruit flavored green tea with mixed fruit jelly - tapioca for me at least is an acquired taste.

My Order:

22oz Kumquat Lemon fruit tea with mixed fruit jelly

The Digs:

Ten Ren's Tea Time has one location in each of the three boroughs: Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn - and their boxed tea can be found in many of the local Chinese grocery stores. Each location is small but offers a seating area for bad weather. Otherwise I would suggest grabbing a bubble tea or slush to go and walking around the neighborhood! None of mentioned locations have great options for parking so plan to walk or take public transit. 

The Nitty Gritty:

Get a bubble tea and thank me later.

(800) 292-2049

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