Tongue and Brisket - London, UK

Tongue and Brisket, Soho, London, UK
Ever heard of a salt beef sandwich? If you don't live in London you likely haven't by name, but you may know it by taste. In the US we refer to this delicious meat product as "corned beef" but let me tell you - one is definitely better than the other. Head over to Tongue and Brisket for the best possible rendition of this English classic and see what all the fuss is about.

The Grub:

Tongue and Brisket serves up a delightful menu of breakfast and sandwiches to suit a variety of tastes all at very reasonable prices. Fancy a traditional English breakfast? T&B has you covered with their Breakfast Set - 2 eggs, 2 sausages, hash brown, beans and toast. Something lighter perhaps? Beans on toast or a sausage sandwich will do just fine. The real show-stopper, and what you really should stop in for - is their Salt Beef sandwich. Perfectly cured brisket placed between two slices of rye bread with mustard and a pickle. In my opinion, it compares to or beats any corned beef sandwich served in NYC or Montreal. While such a delicious creation should satisfy any hungry traveler, you might also be in the mood for an ox tongue sandwich or roast beef - give it a shot, I wont judge.

My Order:

Salt beef (no bread)

The Digs:

Quite an inviting little storefront in the heart of Soho with a clear view of the delicious creations inside. Take out seems most popular here but at least one of their locations has a small dining room in the back if the need arises (Fitzrovia I believe). The guys that own the place are extremely nice and take quite a bit of pride in their work which I really appreciate. Parking is limited in the area, best bet is to take public transit if you are within the city limits.

The Nitty Gritty:

Get a salt beef sandwich.

Tongue and Brisket
+44 20 3784 2273

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