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Pork Roll or Taylor Ham? - Cutting Through the Fat

As you may or may not have heard, there is a long standing debate in New Jersey that has torn apart family and friends, ruined relationships and threatened the harmonic fabric of our very existence. Is this debate political? No, not in the slightest. Does it have to do with our schools? Nope, not at all. Is it about our beloved shore and how certain TV shows have made us look bad? It should be, but no, no it is not. The debate my friends, is whether or not we have decided to call an insanely delicious pork product by one name, or another. I'm referring of course to the long standing debate: Pork Roll or Taylor Ham? Now, depending on where you are currently located, the answer to this question is decidedly simple. However, I think it begs a closer, more analytical look and some historical context. Pork Roll is recognized as being developed in 1856 by one John Taylor of Hamilton Square, New Jersey and originally sold as "Taylor's Prepared Ham"

Pizzeria Giove Restaurant - Staten Island

I love pizza, so you can imagine how thrilled I must have been when I moved to Staten Island. An island filled with Italian Americans, in New York City? They would have to make the best pizza in the world right? Well, as it turns out, the search for really good pizza was long and fraught with the perils of a terrible meal. Until that is, we found Pizzeria Giove , which ended up serving me one of the best pizzas I have ever had. If you're a pizza lover like me, I stress that you should check it out. The Grub: Where do I start. Well, first Pizzeria Giove is technically an Italian restaurant and a pizzeria. What I mean by that is, there is a large selection of stuff on the menu, pretty much every Italian appetizer or entree you could want out of any conventional Italian restaurant. Having tried a number of the dishes I can they are all good, but that's not what were here for. You can get fried calamari and spaghetti somewhere else. Here, you should be getting

R&A Deli AKA Dominican Food Corp - Staten Island

I hate to say that I use Yelp far more often than I should. Not to sound like too much of a grandpa, but I remember a day when you would see a new restaurant and try it out. That simple. Maybe you heard about it before, maybe you hadn't, that didn't really matter so much. You were hungry and in the mood to try something new, and those were the only real thoughts that mattered. I'm happy to say those exact thoughts brought me to the aptly named Dominican Food Corp. also known as R&A Deli . The Grub: R&A is one of those hot table joints with a back kitchen constantly replenishing the food in the front. If you've spent any time in the NYC area, you've probably already been to a place like this before. If you haven't, or if you're looking for a new spot like I was, then stop in here and grab something. In my humble opinion, the food here is some of the best you'll get in its price range. Head to the end of the counter and tell

Napoli Wood Fired Pizza and Bakery - Cliffside Park

This great little pizza joint opened about a year ago and I'm ashamed to say I haven't tried it until now, but boy am I glad I did. Napoli Wood Fired Pizza and Bakery offers what the name would suggest - pizza and baked goods cooked by wood-fired stove. But the apathy that belies its name kept me away too long - the truth is, the product is out-of-this-world good. I mean, so good I cant remember the last time I had pizza this good, and I work in NYC. The Grub: Napoli offers a pretty long list of classic wood fired, thin crust pizzas - some with toppings you are undoubtedly used to, and a few that may be a bit more unique and tantalizing. Margarita, pepperoni-sausage and peppers, ground-beef jalapeno, 4 chilies,  and 4 mushroom are just a few of the insanely good choices. I will have to admit though, I'm a sucker for just a plain pepperoni pizza and theirs is so good, I want another one as I write this. All the pizzas are thin crust, charred to a per

Harold's New York Deli - Edison

Do you like food? Well, how about more than you could ever eat in one sitting? A prospect that likely does not ring positive in the ears of all who listen, but I implore one and all to hear me out. If you have a LARGE appetite for very good food, or just want leftovers for the week - I highly suggest you try out Harold's New York Deli . If nothing else, you will be in jaw-dropping awe of this temple to the food gods; one step in the front door and you will see exactly what I mean! The Grub: Harold's has an extremely vast menu which caters to the needs and wants of any discerning diner. Soups, salads, steaks and of course their world-famous sandwiches, along side a heaping helping of pickles and 'slaw from their walk-up bar equal one hell of an experience. By the way, if you find yourself saying "I wonder if the quality is sacrificed for quality?" - you just shut your dirty mouth! Everything is delicious, and by the way, I'd love it if the