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Blackbeard Ramen - Cliffside Park

In and around my area there just so happen to be quite a few spots to grab high-quality ramen. Blackbeard Ramen in Cliffside Park is one of those - and if you find yourself in the area I highly recommend a trip!  The Grub:  Would it shock you to hear that the featured cuisine at Blackbeard is, in fact, ramen noodle soup? It certainly shouldn't! Blackbeard doesn't have what one would call an "extensive" menu by any means, but then again the ramen is so good you really wouldn't them to focus on anything else. They have four soup options on the menu : Tonkotsu (pork broth), Tonkotsu Gyokai (pork/dashi broth), Miso (pork broth/miso), and Green Curry (pork/fish broth with a Thai twist). Pick whatever fits your mood when you sit down and get ready for a good meal. If you think you need a starter or something on the side, I would suggest trying the Cha-Don rice bowl with chashu pork - always a welcome addition if I'm feeling extra hungry! My Order: Miso R

Cinnamon Snail - Manhattan (Now Closed)

A few years ago my girlfriend was diagnosed with a fairly serious egg allergy, which spurned a diligent search around NYC for vegan friendly baked goods. Since there are very few restaurants and eateries that serve food based on an allergy-friendly basis, vegan food seemed like the closest analog that offered what we were looking for. Our search lead us to the dead center of Manhattan, to a little food stall inside the PENNSY food hall (adjacent to Penn Station and MSG) known as The Cinnamon Snail . The Grub: I think first it's important to mention that The Cinnamon Snail has more than just vegan baked goods. They also offer a menu of fully vegan lunch/dinner options in short-order fashion - sandwiches or 'samiches' like the Basil Grilled Tofu Banh Mi and the Mushroom Red Quinoa Meatball Sub seem to be quite popular. Also offered is a selection of meatless burgers like the Beastmode Burger Deluxe and Smoked Sage Seitan Burger both of which I haven't tried