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Sophie's Cuban Cuisine - NYC (Various Locations)

Hell's Kitchen has no shortage of places to find a quick lunch, the trick is finding one with good food that breaks the typical mold of catering to the hot-table zombies. Luckily, Sophie's Cuban is here to break the monotony of the everyday routine with time-tested, delicious Cuban classics. The Grub: Sophie's is a great grab-and-go eatery obviously specializing in Cuban cuisine. Their offerings include some of the well-known classics like roast pork, fried chicken cutlets, baked chicken, and pork-chops with onions which are also their most popular dishes. I would also suggest giving their spicy grilled chicken and shredded beef stew a try, though quite honestly - you really can't go wrong with anything on the menu here. When you order, you are asked to pick an entree and 3 sides - which, in and of themselves could make a meal for most. Again, no wrong choices with the side dishes, but I would suggest some Moro rice, black beans (unless you are gluten-free like