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Potatoes on a Sandwich - OK or Not?

One thing I've noticed over the years it’s that people tend to have very strong opinions about food. One of these opinions I have found quite interesting is whether or not potatoes belong on sandwiches. I’ve come here to tell you today that yes, potatoes do belong on sandwiches – mostly. Potatoes on a sandwich is by no means a new idea, even Elvis is rumored to have enjoyed this delicacy from time to time . I think though, what many describe as the problem with a potato-ed sandwich is that it’s just too starchy. The carb-on-carb structure is just too much for some people, too singular no matter what else accompanies it. Don’t get me wrong, if you are counting your carbs it’s probably something you shouldn’t do. We aren’t talking about health food here. But, if you have never tried it, or are just hating the idea for its own sake, I beg that you reconsider and at least try it once – your taste buds just might thank you. Now, potatoes can’t be placed on every sandwich, and cer