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Brasserie Lucille's Ville-Marie - Montreal

When my girlfriend said she wanted to take a trip for her birthday, we wanted to go somewhere close by that had a unique feel. Since neither one of us had been to Canada before, we decided on a trip to Montreal. This ended up being a fantastic decision, as we soon realized that the food scene in Montreal definitely rivals that of New York, Boston, San Francisco or Chicago. Once there, my immediate goal was a good steak frites, and as luck would have it, a quick conversation with a local pointed us towards Lucille's . The Grub: Lucille's is best described as a modern Brasserie with a divided focus between steaks and seafood. Their one page menu certainly has something to fit all tastes - cold bar oysters, surf and turf options, taco boards, and steaks galore. They also have a list of signature cocktails and their own lager on tap (the lager is quite good by the way). If you are going to stop by, my first suggestion would be to order their steak frites - whi

Boom Boom Chicken - Fort Lee

Its no secret that I spend a lot of time eating in Fort Lee. Not only because it's a short drive from my house, but also because the food options are diverse and consistently good. Adding to that list is probably my favorite fried chicken joint of all time - Boom Boom Chicken . Give it a try just once and you'll know why I choose it above all others - and I have a feeling you will too. The Grub: What do they offer at Boom Boom Chicken you ask? Well, Korean fried chicken of course, and lots of it! Wings, legs, combos, popcorn chicken, whole fried chicken, you name it they have it. Every last piece is cooked to amazing, crispy-crunchy perfection and (if you choose) slathered with one of their delicious sauces. If you stop in for lunch you can partake in one of their lunch specials, which includes fried chicken (any style) along with a side of rice or fries and a small salad. If you stop by for dinner, they still offer a combo option but you have to pay $2 mor

Q Tea Tapas - Fort Lee

I was introduced to bubble tea shortly after moving back to the Tri-State area by my girlfriend, a self-proclaimed connoisseur of the beverage, and now I can easily say it is one of my favorite things. Ice cold fruit flavored teas with tapioca balls or fruity jelly pieces offer a great play on taste and texture - perfect for the summer time. While there are many places that offer bubble tea, one of the best in the Fort Lee area happens to be Q Tea Tapas on Main St. Get yourself one, then take a relaxing stroll downtown and decide what you want for dinner! The Grub: Q Tea offers a pretty large variety of fruit teas, milk teas, slushies and other desert-like drinks along with a good selection of boba and jelly to accompany them. Kumquat lemon, blueberry, peach, grapefruit black tea and strawberry lemonade are just a handful of great selections among their fruit teas; paired with mango star jelly, strawberry popping boba or the traditional tapioca bubble, anyway you

Yakitori Toto - Midtown Manhattan

After becoming aware of the mind-blowingly delicious phenomenon that is yakitori, I set myself on a mission to find the best of the best. Living on Staten Island at the time, my local options were non-existent. So I searched Manhattan and Brooklyn until I came upon this place: Yakitori Toto . The penultimate purveyor of skewered grilled meats and vegetables. The Grub: For those in need of enlightenment, yakitori is traditionally skewered chicken lightly seasoned and prepared over a special charcoal grill. The term can also be extended to other meats and vegetables which is then served in small-plated portions meant to be eaten along with beer in a tappas or tavern style manner. Toto offers a variety of cuts and rare bites that just have to be tried - crispy chicken skin, liver with salt, beef tongue, kobe beef, chicken heart, and shishito peppers with miso to name just a few. Honestly, everything on the menu deserves a try at least once, even if it might sound as