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Masala Zone - London, UK

On a recent trip to London, it was one of my personal goals to find a gluten free Indian restaurant - Chicken Tikka being one of the unofficial national dishes, it seemed a must-eat. My search brought me to a lovely restaurant in the heart of Covent Garden aptly named, Masala Zone . While the name may not be as "classy" as some of the other establishments, the food, ambiance, and service all exceeded my expectations by a long shot. The Grub: It should come as no surprise that a restaurant called Masala Zone serves Indian food, what is surprising was just how amazing it was. On offer are a number of traditional Indian classics as well as unique spins on old favorites that made me wish I had the time (and ability) to try them all. As I was waiting to order, a quick scan of the other patron's tables clued me into the popularity of the Thali (an Indian-style meal made up of different dishes served on a platter) which is comprised of a main dish along with a selection o

Black Seed Bagel - Manhattan

For generations, denizens of the Five Boroughs have started their day with the humble, tasty, ubiquitous ring of dough known as the bagel. And for just as long, the very same New York natives have been debating where the best examples can be found. I can't claim that the debate is settled, nor can I guarantee that it will ever be, but what I can say is if you want a damn good bagel - get yourself to Black Seed in Nolita (or any of their 7 locations) pronto. The Grub: Black Seed's bagels are honestly some of the best I've ever had. They take great care in making what seems a very simple baked item, and you can definitely taste the difference against any run-of-the-mill bagel slinger. As accompaniments, traditional butter and cream cheese is offered - but their bagels also serve as the foundation for a number of delicious Egg 'n' Cheese sandwiches like The Hampton (beef sausage, egg and cheese), The Leo (Salmon, egg, cream cheese and sauteed onions), or for t