Alfonso's Bakery - Staten Island

Alfonso's Bakery - Staten Island
It will probably surprise no one that the population of Staten Island is roughly 35% Italian-American. From its reputation to its depictions in popular film and TV, its a personality the island -  for better or worse, just can't shake. So I say, embrace it by taking a ride to Alfonso's Bakery to get yourself some authentic Italian pastries. You'll feel like a part of the crowd in no time.

The Grub:

Alfonso's is a purveyor of all things baked, be it breads of all shapes and sizes, cakes, cookies, canoli, and other fine Italian pastries. Starting with their selection of breads, I would highly suggest trying one of their sesame twists, if there are any left that is. Nothing's better to sop up some of Mamma's home-cooked sauce! Make sure to browse the cookie counters as well, the almond cookies and Italian rainbows are some of the best I've ever tried. Lastly, grab a half-dozen, or hey, even a dozen canoli and get out fast because there will almost certainly be a line of impatient people waiting for theirs!

My Order:

Sesame Twist
6 Almond cookies
6 Rainbow cookies
6 Canoli

The Digs:

Alfonso's has a few different locations on Staten Island, so map out your trip beforehand to find out what would be most convenient for you. I used to frequent their Victory Boulevard store, not far from my old apartment. This location doesn't have it's own parking lot necessarily, so park in the CVS lot on the connected block. It is often quite busy/crowded so you may have to wait depending on the time of day. They also tend to sell out of some of the more popular items on busy days so don't sleep!

The Nitty Gritty:

One of the best classic Italian Bakeries.

Alfonso's Bakery
(718) 273-8802

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