Pizzeria Giove Restaurant - Staten Island

Pizzeria Giove, New Dorp, Staten Island, NY
I love pizza, so you can imagine how thrilled I must have been when I moved to Staten Island. An island filled with Italian Americans, in New York City? They would have to make the best pizza in the world right? Well, as it turns out, the search for really good pizza was long and fraught with the perils of a terrible meal. Until that is, we found Pizzeria Giove, which ended up serving me one of the best pizzas I have ever had. If you're a pizza lover like me, I stress that you should check it out.

The Grub:

Where do I start. Well, first Pizzeria Giove is technically an Italian restaurant and a pizzeria. What I mean by that is, there is a large selection of stuff on the menu, pretty much every Italian appetizer or entree you could want out of any conventional Italian restaurant. Having tried a number of the dishes I can they are all good, but that's not what were here for. You can get fried calamari and spaghetti somewhere else. Here, you should be getting a pizza, or two, or even three - they are that damn good. They generally serve thin crust, and I highly suggest going with something off of their White Specialty Pie or Red Specialty Pie menu. I've tried each and every one of them and they are all so damn good thinking about them right now makes me want one. My very favorite being the Del Pizzaiolo: Stracciatella, crimini mushrooms, sweet Italian sausage, white truffle oil, topped with arugula and parmigiano reggiano cheese. I get it every time I go, and I could seriously eat one just to myself, and have by the way which brings up another piece of advice: everyone should order a pizza and share. You'll find you probably don't want to stop eating it and will likely polish off a whole pie.

My Order:

De Pizzaiolo white pie all to myself

The Digs:

Pizzeria Giove has a nice little storefront on the main drag of New Dorp Lane in, you guessed it, New Dorp, Staten Island. Nicely styled, and has plenty of room inside for a decent size party. It can get rather crowded though on some nights and weekends so be prepared to wait a little bit (totally worth it). They don't have any parking, so you will have to park on the street either at a meter, or just off the strip in the neighborhoods where you don't have to pay.

The Nitty Gritty:

Pretty much my favorite pizza on Staten Island.

Pizzeria Giove
278 New Dorp Lane
Staten Island,
NY, 10306

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