Harold's New York Deli - Edison

Do you like food? Well, how about more than you could ever eat in one sitting? A prospect that likely does not ring positive in the ears of all who listen, but I implore one and all to hear me out. If you have a LARGE appetite for very good food, or just want leftovers for the week - I highly suggest you try out Harold's New York Deli. If nothing else, you will be in jaw-dropping awe of this temple to the food gods; one step in the front door and you will see exactly what I mean!

The Grub:

Harold's has an extremely vast menu which caters to the needs and wants of any discerning diner. Soups, salads, steaks and of course their world-famous sandwiches, along side a heaping helping of pickles and 'slaw from their walk-up bar equal one hell of an experience. By the way, if you find yourself saying "I wonder if the quality is sacrificed for quality?" - you just shut your dirty mouth! Everything is delicious, and by the way, I'd love it if they would pay me to say that, but sadly they don't. If I were you, I'd order a corned beef and pastrami sandwich on rye with mustard and tell them a lot of extra bread. You'll have enough to make plenty of sandwiches. If your in the mood for breakfast, no problem - huge pancakes comin' your way with all the trimmin's! Somehow, if you find yourself still hungry after all that, or if you think you may be in the mood later, don't leave without getting one of their ridiculously large pieces of cake, or perhaps an eclair to go. You won't be sorry, that is of course, unless you eat yourself into a food coma. (The NJ Foodhound discourages you from eating yourself sick!)

My Order:

Corned beef and pastrami sandwich on rye with mustard
Seltzer water, ginger ale or root beer

The Digs:

Harold's has a number of locations around New Jersey, but my favorite and the one I've always gone to is in Edison and shares a parking lot/location with a hotel that seems to change hands every few years. The inside feels a lot like a classic diner with lots of room for plenty of friends/family. Always clean and staff is more often than not, quite courteous and helpful. The one thing I will say is it isn't the cheapest night out, so if you have any doubts I would check the menu before you head over. That said though, you definitely get what  you pay for.

The Nitty Gritty:

Lots of insanely good food. Why aren't you there right now?

Harolds New York Deli
(732) 661-9100

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