Brasserie Lucille's Ville-Marie - Montreal

Brasserie Lucille's Ville-Marie
When my girlfriend said she wanted to take a trip for her birthday, we wanted to go somewhere close by that had a unique feel. Since neither one of us had been to Canada before, we decided on a trip to Montreal. This ended up being a fantastic decision, as we soon realized that the food scene in Montreal definitely rivals that of New York, Boston, San Francisco or Chicago. Once there, my immediate goal was a good steak frites, and as luck would have it, a quick conversation with a local pointed us towards Lucille's.

The Grub:

Lucille's is best described as a modern Brasserie with a divided focus between steaks and seafood. Their one page menu certainly has something to fit all tastes - cold bar oysters, surf and turf options, taco boards, and steaks galore. They also have a list of signature cocktails and their own lager on tap (the lager is quite good by the way). If you are going to stop by, my first suggestion would be to order their steak frites - while if I'm honest, it's not the biggest portion, it was honestly one of the best steaks I have ever tasted. Perfectly aged, perfectly cooked, perfectly seasoned, and served with an amazingly tasty red wine/onion reduction, I savored every last morsel. My girlfriend ordered their taco board which could easily have been two meals in itself - roast pork, stewed chicken and grilled octopus along with a smattering of salads and vegetable toppers to make-you-own tacos as you see fit. Over-all an excellent dining experience. The only thing that could be seen as a drawback to some are the prices, which range from $30-$80+ for an entree.

My Order:

-Steak Frites
-Lucille's Lager

The Digs:

Lucille's operates on a busy street just outside of Downtown Montreal and sports a industrial modern interior with wood accents. The dark colored walls and light colored wood tabletops make for a nice contrast, and their pseudo-butcher-shop theme gets you in the mood for the meal to come. Next to the well stocked bar they have a beautiful clear glass drying room for all of their steaks, and an open kitchen which for me is always a plus. Service here is prompt and friendly, and they are also good with food allergies if you happen to have that problem.

The Nitty Gritty:

The food and atmosphere are fantastic - I suggest a stop-by if you are visiting the city.

Brasserie Lucille's Ville-Marie
+1 514-933-9433

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