Boom Boom Chicken - Fort Lee

Boom Boom Chicken, Fort Lee, NJ
Its no secret that I spend a lot of time eating in Fort Lee. Not only because it's a short drive from my house, but also because the food options are diverse and consistently good. Adding to that list is probably my favorite fried chicken joint of all time - Boom Boom Chicken. Give it a try just once and you'll know why I choose it above all others - and I have a feeling you will too.

The Grub:

What do they offer at Boom Boom Chicken you ask? Well, Korean fried chicken of course, and lots of it! Wings, legs, combos, popcorn chicken, whole fried chicken, you name it they have it. Every last piece is cooked to amazing, crispy-crunchy perfection and (if you choose) slathered with one of their delicious sauces. If you stop in for lunch you can partake in one of their lunch specials, which includes fried chicken (any style) along with a side of rice or fries and a small salad. If you stop by for dinner, they still offer a combo option but you have to pay $2 more. Otherwise, you order your chicken and sides separately - both of which come in fairly large portions. Boom Boom also offers some more traditional Korean/Japanese fare including chicken katsu, pork donkatsu, chicken teriyaki and spicy rice cake - all of which are quite tasty as well.

My Order:

-Spicy popcorn chicken
-side of fries

The Digs:

Boom Boom operates out of a small storefront on Main St. in Fort Lee. Brightly lit, clean and plenty of seating in a modern style. They also offer outdoor seating depending on the season. Conveniently located next to Q Tea Tapas so you can stop in for a bubble tea afterward. Street parking on Main is limited, try the municipal lot down the street or parking in the neighborhoods behind the strip.

The Nitty Gritty:

Best fried chicken I've ever had, and I've had a lot.

Boom Boom Chicken
240 Main St 
Fort Lee NJ,

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