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Trio Ramen Azuma Menu Board, Fort Lee, NJ
In the past few years, ramen restaurants have exploded in popularity. On both the East and West coast, the delicious noodles have migrated from being a freeze dried college snack to an Instagram worthy comfort food. There are many variations of the simple Japanese noodle dish; thick noodles, thin noodles, soy sauce, salt-based, spicy, black garlic, the list goes on. Toppings almost always include pork, scallions and a boiled egg. Ramen broth should be packed with flavor, the pork should melt in your mouth and the noodles should be springy. Surprisingly, this holy grail combination is tough to come by. Luckily, it can be found every night at Trio Ramen Azuma in Fort Lee, NJ. It is directly across the street from its sister restaurant, Soba Noodle Azuma.

A contrasted interior of wood and metal offers a pleasing modern atmosphere. Focusing on the food, the extensive appetizer menu has many classics: edamame, dumplings and chicken skewers. There are also some unique items: marinated fresh octopus, okonomi cheese fries and cold sesame cucumber salad. As far as entrees, an entire page of the menu is dedicated to curries accompanied by pork or chicken katsu. Really though, the ramen is the star of the show - with noodles coming in two varieties: thin white and thick yellow. Diners can choose pork or chicken broth as a base for the soup, followed by nine different variations including miso, shouyu, and my favorite - black garlic. The namesake, Trio Ramen is a chicken broth base with your choice of noodles. It comes with sliced pork, scallions, bamboo, seaweed and an egg. For the adventurous, the Hell Fire, Volcano or Chicken Gravy ramen are all excellent choices. Feeling overheated in the early summer humidity? The restaurant currently offers three chilled dishes; Cold Gyokai, Spicy Tan-Tan and Cold Chuka ramen.

For a balance of flavors, I highly recommend ordering the ramen & spicy cod roe set. The spicy cod roe and mustard greens over rice is a perfect pairing and complement to the rich soup. A ramune (Japanese soft drink to the uninitiated) will top off the meal nicely. Trio Ramen also offers a 10.75 lunch special which comes with a soup and one side dish. This is available Monday-Friday, 11:30am-4pm.

Reviewed by: Amanda Z. for the New Jersey Foodhound

Trio Ramen Azuma
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