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Image of Soba Noodle Azuma, Fort Lee, NJ
One night shortly after we moved to the area, my girlfriend and I were in the mood to try some soba noodles. While there were, as luck would have it, a number of establishments offering these tasty noodles, we happened to pick this lovely little spot and never looked back. I can truly say it is one of my favorites in Fort Lee.

The Grub:

The menu here is large and ever changing - to be honest they have multiple. If you've never been here before this may seem a bit daunting but, take your time and look over everything. They have an appetizer menu, a soba menu, a udon menu, a seasonal menu and a specials menu - and maybe a few more that I forgot. Since I have been going here for the better part of 3 years I have tried a lot of their food and can say with confidence its nearly all good. Meals always start off with green tea or water and a little box of fried noodles. I typically order an addictive cucumber appetizer or salted cabbage, while my girlfriend goes for the agedashi tofu. The soba can be ordered on its own or in sets, available in 100 to 300 gram portions for the same price. Soba here is always cooked perfectly and is very consistent, which is important to me above all else. Tempura here is also good, though not the highlight if you ask me. The sushi has always been fresh and good quality when I have ordered. My girlfriend will often order udon in one broth or another, usually the curry, and loves it every time. On rare occasions their special menu will include a grilled salmon collar which, if you go here and happen to see, I highly suggest you order.

My Order:

- Addictive Cucumber and/or Salted Cabbage
- Soba Noodle with Assorted Tempura bowl set with 200gr soba

The Digs:

The restaurant has a modern feel to it without being too over or understated. They have comfortable seating and a great separated traditional dining area in the front for large groups. No alcohol is served here, they are strictly BYOB so I suggest picking up a bottle of sake, soju, whiskey or a few of your favorite beers before stopping by (most nights you wont be the only one doing this). No direct parking so you either have to use the municipal lot down the block and pay, or park somewhere in the back streets behind the restaurant.

The Nitty Gritty:

Hands down one of my favorite regular spots in the area.

Soba Noodle Azuma
246 Main St
Fort Lee, NJ

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