Daniela's Ice Cream - Closter, NJ


I am an avid biker that commutes during the week and takes long rides on the weekend. Many, if not most of my "fun-rides" are in search of local eateries. I found Daniela’s ice-cream on a hot, early summer ride and have been happy customer on every single visit. 

First, I have an egg allergy that makes it hard to find any sort of dessert. The staff at Daniela’s was friendly and accommodating. They took my concerns about an allergy seriously and even double checked with other staff to make sure the food was safe. They did not flinch when I asked them to use a clean scooper. This may not seem like a big deal, but I have encountered MANY eateries that have no idea what is in their food and do make any effort to assist me. The menu is even labeled for gluten free flavors!  

I have tried the Ginger, Rum Raisin, Lavender Honey, Chocolate Chip Mint and Lemon Poppy flavors. They are all incredible and made with high-quality milk and other ingredients. They also offer pints to take home and even have an ice cream for your tail wagging pupper! I suggest going on a warm summer night to sit outside and people watch while enjoying your cool treat!

By Amanda Z. for the NJ Foodhound

Daniela's Ice Cream
234 Closter Dock Rd, Closter, NJ 07624
(201) 428-9600

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