Pre-Pandemic I took a three-day trip to the Islands of Trinidad and Tobago equipped with a lifelong love of their incredible food. Particularly, the delightful snack called Doubles. If you are unfamiliar, doubles are two fried, puffy pieces of dough with a semi-spicy chickpea mixture in the middle. They are best served hot and wrapped in wax paper. GT West Indian Cuisine and Deli in Bergenfield, NJ is one of a handful of places in all of New Jersey that serves up fresh, incredibly flavored Doubles for a mere 2.00 each. 

Get an order with “everything” meaning the full spice mixture. I cannot emphasize how satisfying these small pockets of fried wonder are. They are worth a trip from anywhere in the Tristate area and are the thing to try at GT’s. If you feel like diving deeper in into Trinidadian cuisine, this shop also has an amazing spread of curries ranging from mango to goat, which are served with a massive piece of roti. Top off your meal with a unique drink ranging from a peanut to pineapple flavored. GT’s is a small family operation, call your order in ahead of time to avoid waiting and ring the bell at the counter – service is prompt and someone will be right out to help you!

Reviewed by: Amanda Z. for the New Jersey Foodhound

239 S Washington Ave, Bergenfield, NJ 07621
(201) 384-0939

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