Hot Bagels & More - Staten Island (Now Closed)

Hot Bagels & More, Staten Island, NY
There are a lot of places to find a bagel on Staten Island, but I'm going to be honest - most of them aren't very good. Of course that's just my opinion, but I spent a great deal of time visiting over 30 shops and the best of the best by far is Hot Bagels & More.

The Grub:

Hot Bagels & More is your average NY/NJ deli establishment with a number of breakfast and lunch options you would typically find at any deli. What really separates them though is their bagels and bialys made in-house. Again, these are by far the best iteration of each I was able to find on the island. The dough consistency, bite, crunch and texture are 100% on-point when compared to a number of the more bread-like or improperly baked bagels available on SI. I highly suggest an Everything bagel with cream cheese, or my personal favorite, a bialy with butter (according to wikipedia: Bialy, a Yiddish word short for biały or bialystoker kuchen, from the city of Białystok in Poland, is a small roll that is a traditional dish in the Polish Ashkenazi Jewish cuisine). These have a much better crunch-to-dough ratio and are topped with slivers of onions which give them distinct depth of flavor. If you find yourself more in the mood for lunch, might I suggest a chicken-salad-sandwich on one of their plain bagels - one of the best things ever (and if you are feeling extra bold, ask for bacon on it too!).

My Order:

2 Bialy with butter or
Everything bagel with cream cheese

The Digs:

Hot Bagels & More is a small-ish, no-frills deli located just south of the Staten Island Mall. It is probably very similar to other deils you have visited. Basically, walk up, order, pay and then walk out to eat your stuff. No real seating/dining area to speak of, but this type of deli rarely does anyway. The real reason you show up is for the bagels. Service is usually pretty friendly and quick. The shop is part of a small strip mall, so there are usually available parking spaces, though they do get busy in the morning so keep that in mind.

The Nitty Gritty:

Bagels and Bialys - get yourself some.

Hot Bagels & More
(718) 967-1144

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