Blackbeard Ramen - Cliffside Park

Blackbeard Ramen, Cliffside Park, NJ
In and around my area there just so happen to be quite a few spots to grab high-quality ramen. Blackbeard Ramen in Cliffside Park is one of those - and if you find yourself in the area I highly recommend a trip! 

The Grub: 

Would it shock you to hear that the featured cuisine at Blackbeard is, in fact, ramen noodle soup? It certainly shouldn't! Blackbeard doesn't have what one would call an "extensive" menu by any means, but then again the ramen is so good you really wouldn't them to focus on anything else. They have four soup options on the menu: Tonkotsu (pork broth), Tonkotsu Gyokai (pork/dashi broth), Miso (pork broth/miso), and Green Curry (pork/fish broth with a Thai twist). Pick whatever fits your mood when you sit down and get ready for a good meal. If you think you need a starter or something on the side, I would suggest trying the Cha-Don rice bowl with chashu pork - always a welcome addition if I'm feeling extra hungry!

My Order:

Miso Ramen
Cha-Don bowl

The Digs:

Blackbeard Ramen is a fairly small operation and consequently so is its dining space. There are a handful of tables and it can get busy so if you are worried about getting a table it may be best to call ahead. They also have NYC style restaurant hours and close daily between 3PM and 5PM to prep for dinner and are closed on Monday so keep that in mind. Service is great, very personal and extremely accommodating. They do have an extremely small parking lot, so if you can't find a space, the surrounding neighborhoods should have a spot somewhere. 

The Nitty Gritty:

Excellent ramen in the heart of Cliffside.

Blackbeard Ramen
(201) 943-8003

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