Black Seed Bagel - Manhattan

Black Seed Bagels, NYC
For generations, denizens of the Five Boroughs have started their day with the humble, tasty, ubiquitous ring of dough known as the bagel. And for just as long, the very same New York natives have been debating where the best examples can be found. I can't claim that the debate is settled, nor can I guarantee that it will ever be, but what I can say is if you want a damn good bagel - get yourself to Black Seed in Nolita (or any of their 7 locations) pronto.

The Grub:

Black Seed's bagels are honestly some of the best I've ever had. They take great care in making what seems a very simple baked item, and you can definitely taste the difference against any run-of-the-mill bagel slinger. As accompaniments, traditional butter and cream cheese is offered - but their bagels also serve as the foundation for a number of delicious Egg 'n' Cheese sandwiches like The Hampton (beef sausage, egg and cheese), The Leo (Salmon, egg, cream cheese and sauteed onions), or for the purist, the Plain Jane (egg and cheese). Not in the mood for an egg sandwich? Try something off of the Signatures menu - creations like their House Beet Lox (horseradish cream cheese, radish and herbs),  Miami Vice (Turkey melt, sauteed onions, pickels, Swiss cheese, dijon mustard), or the NYC favorite - Chopped Cheese. Are you more of a traditionalist? Well perhaps their Classics menu is more your speed with staples like the Smoked Salmon, Lox Schmear, Sable, Egg Salad, BLT or Tuna Melt - everything a growing boy (or gal) needs! Black Seed even offers their own pizza bagels which is quite possibly the coolest thing in bagelry.

My Order:

Classic B.E.C. (bacon, egg and cheese) on a plain bagel
Large Coffee

The Digs:

As previously mentioned Black Seed operates out of seven different locations in NYC, most of which are in Manhattan. They are all relatively small shops, usually with a walk-up counter and small-ish seating area. They often get quite busy, especially on the weekends and weekday mornings so get there early or be ready to wait at least a few minutes. Most of the locations are close to public transit, don't expect to be able to park near any of them dependably, at least on the street. Service is always friendly but, a word of advice - know what you want before you get to the front of the line to avoid passive aggressive anger from the customers behind you.

The Nitty Gritty:

Some of the best bagels in NYC.

Black Seed Bagel

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