Donna Bells' Bake Shop - Manhattan (Now Closed)

Donna Bell's Bake Shop NYC
Down-home Southern baking may be one of the last things that comes to mind when thinking about New York City. Even so, there are a few hidden spots where a home-sick Southerner or curious foodie can find authentic pastries and the like. One such location is Donna Bell's Bake Shop, tucked under the World Wide Plaza building on 49th St. in Midtown.

The Grub:
If you have ever found yourself in the mood for a fresh buttermilk biscuit then look no further than Donna Bell's. They typically have a variety: plain buttermilk, cheddar, ham and Swiss - lots of creative and absolutely delicious choices to be had here. Want something a little sweeter? They've got you covered! Cookies, cupcakes, scones, muffins, cakes are all available but their flavors change very regularly (sometimes daily!) so be sure to stop in often for something new! Keep in mind that they are a very small shop, so things can sell out very quickly. While you're getting something to eat, you may as well wash it down with a hot or iced Cafe du Monde coffee. If you happen in on lunch and want something a little more substantial, get a biscuit sandwich or one of their daily specials!

My order:
Buttermilk biscuit
Raspberry scone
Large Coffee

The Digs:
Hole-in-the-wall comes to mind when thinking about Donna Bell's location, but that's OK because its meant to be a take-out joint in the first place. While the food is Southern, the clientele are strictly NYC so get in, get what you want and get out - especially around the morning or lunch rush. If you are looking for a table to sit down and enjoy your food, don't worry! Make a right out of Donna Bell's door and walk down 49th St. toward 9th Ave. and you will find a courtyard with plenty of tables and chairs to enjoy an al-fresco experience. Again, they are a very small operation and they do sell out so as they themselves suggest - get there early!

The Nitty Gritty:
A little slice of Southern heaven in NYC.

(646) 410-0390

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