Tuzzi's Bakery Co. - Berwick

Tuzzi's Italian Bakery, Berwick, PA
There's a lot of pizza in this world. So much in fact, we may be burdened by the sheer number of choices we are faced with. Per capita, a number of states have at least 3.0 pizza restaurants per 10,000 people, or more than 1,000 restaurants per state. Its a little bit of a leap, but logically speaking you are probably close to at least three pizza places right now - maybe more. So, let me do you a favor and make the decision a little easier for you. For a a truly unique pizza experience, I suggest Tuzzi's Baking Co. of Berwick, PA. Located in a quaint, post-industrial Pennsylvania town, its the perfect location for anyone interested in pizza tourism.

The Grub:

Tuzzi's is first and foremost a bakery, offering a variety of breads and pastries that are quite good. To be honest though, the real unique offering is their square-cut "sheet" sized pizza made with their own fresh home made dough. These come in regular cheese, white pie, or broccoli with a small selection of other toppings as well if you like. You can buy it by the slice, by the half-sheet (12 cuts), or the whole-sheet (24 cuts) if you have an army to feed! Whatever you do, ask that they make your pizza "well done" for an extra crispy crust and well-caramelized cheese on top! (For the New York and New Jersey crowd: the pizza at Tuzzi's most resembles what we would call a "grandma" slice, but has a personality all its own.)

My Order:

Plain regular whole sheet pie - well done
nothing else

The Digs:

Tuzzi's is an honest-to-goodness bakery operation with not much other than a storefront and production location. Everything is take-out, and they offer no tables or dining area, so be prepared to eat at home if you're nearby or in the car if your not (luckily the pizza is just as good cold for your ride home). Park in the lot next to the building or on the street out front, they can get pretty busy in the summer and on weekends.

The Nitty Gritty:

Unique pizza in the heart of North East Pennsylvania.

(570) 752-2704

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