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Los Compadres Interior - Fort Lee, NJ
I love tacos. There, I said it. Not to an irrational degree, no obsession - just a healthy love for meat and diced veggies on a corn tortilla. The taco its worth noting, can take many forms - traditional street, California style, breakfast, Korean, Choco, all have their own time, place and merit. I however would like to focus your attention on the first variety - the traditional Mexican street taco. So simple, so satisfying, so easy and cheap - its the perfect lunch, dinner or while were at it, breakfast too! (No judgement here!) With that in mind, I'll clue you in on one of my favorite local spots: Los Compadres in Fort Lee, NJ.

The Grub:

Los Compadres has a lengthy menu of Mexican classics - tortas, burritos, bowls, nachos and soups and everything I've tried I have truly loved. That said, I highly suggest trying the tacos on your first stop as they reflect the very best they have to offer. You honestly can't go wrong with anything you choose, but I would definitely suggest the Tinga (pulled chicken), Al Pastor (spicy pork with pineapple), Carnitas (roast pork) or Fish. All of which are fresh, made to order, and topped with the owner's special avocado sauce upon request. Want something on the side? Grab yourself a few empanadas or some guac and chips - you should leave plenty satisfied.

My Order:

Al Pastor Tacos
Chicken Tinga Tacos
Sangria Soda

The Digs:

Los Compadres has a nice little storefront on Anderson Ave. in Fort Lee NJ. The dining space offers limited seating indoors, with some veranda seating as well that really comes in handy in the nicer months of the year. The shop is run by the owner and his family, quite passionately I might add. Service is always excellent, accommodating and prompt in line with that passion. Parking is limited to streets surrounding the restaurant. 

The Nitty Gritty:

Tacos served with a smile.

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