Cafe Con Pan Bakery and Restaurant - Staten Island

Cafe Con Pan Bakery and Restaurant, Staten Island
Have you ever tried a Mexican Torta? I'm ashamed to say that before my trip to Cafe Con Pan I had not, but doing so inspired me to try them everywhere I could. After sampling the offering's of many Mexican restaurants around Staten Island I can say confidently that the sandwiches at Cafe are head and shoulders above the rest.

The Grub:

Cafe Con Pan has a number of excellent Mexican classics on their menu, among which are the Tacos, pastries, breakfast, fresh made juices and smoothies. What makes a trip here worth it though are their huge tortas, or Mexican sandwiches for the uninitiated. They come with your choice of various meats: roasted pork (cecina), bistec (steak), al pastor (spicy pineapple pork), and are then piled high  fresh veggies and a heaping handful of amazing, stringy cheese or Mexican queso Qaxaca. All between their own home-made bread no less. Try one of their tortas especiales if you find a "regular torta" boring. Nothing quite fills you up like one of these, so try not too eat too much before you show up!

My Order:

Hawaiana Torta (special with carne enchilada, el pastor pork and cheese)
Fresh squeezed juice (depends on my mood)

The Digs:

Cafe Con Pan operates out of three locations, but we would typically frequent the one on New Dorp in Staten Island. This location in particular is a no-frills deli style/bakery location. Not much to say about the decor or lack there of, but you should be here for the tortas and tacos, not the ambiance. Staff is always friendly and helpful. No parking lot at the New Dorp location, but street parking doesn't seem to be a problem in the area.

The Nitty Gritty:

Top tier authentic Mexican food

Cafe Con Pan
(347) 861-0364

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