Compton's Pancake House - Stroudsburg

Compton's Pancake House, Stroudsburg, PA
When you're in college, following up a hard night of drinking with a quality breakfast is of paramount importance. During my college years, I was lucky enough to be in the Poconos region of northeastern Pennsylvania, a place where high-quality, low-cost breakfasts are actually pretty easy to find. What isn't as easy is picking the place where you want to become a "regular," a place you can point to as your breakfast go-to. Mine is a little spot called Compton's Pancake House in Stroudsburg, PA.

The Grub:
From my intro, and their name you have probably gathered that Compton's is known for its pancakes. So much so that owner Compton Ferreira, a self described fanatic, adopted the restaurant's slogan: "Peace, Love, Pancakes." After breakfast here, you will be saying the same thing, trust me. They offer a healthy variety of the golden discs, from the classic full stack to the much-beloved chocolate chip, to more unconventional choices like the NY Cheesecake pancakes, you really can't go wrong. If you find yourself in the mood for a little less starch, they also offer amazing combo deals with pancakes, eggs and all the breakfast meat choices you could hope for. If you feel like non-breakfast options, don't worry - Compton's has you covered with all the traditional American classics you've come to expect in a diner-like setting. All of these options, it bears mentioning, are below $10 - amazing values compared to its counterparts in New Jersey and New York.

My Order:
Eggs and Pancakes Combo

The Digs:
Compton's is what I consider to be a Pennsylvania-style diner, it has a lot of the same feeling as one of its NJ cousins but with a different feel that's hard to describe. Located just off Route 80 in Stroudsburg, its a great place to stop in if you are planning a long road trip along the route, or just happen to find yourself in the are skiing or hiking. They have a fairly large dining space, just remodeled by the owner himself, which, turned out very nicely I must say. Service is always great and accommodating. Truly a little gem tucked into the Pocono Mountains.

The Nitty Gritty:
A must-stop in the Stroudsburg area.

Compton's Pancake House
(570) 424-6909

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