The White Haven Family Diner - White Haven

White Haven Family Diner, White Haven, PA
If you were born in the USA, chances are you have had the opportunity to dine at one of our illustrious and ever-present establishments known as The Diner. Diners and diner food have been a part of the American zeitgeist since the early 1900s, and guess what, they started right here in New Jersey! You might be surprised then, to hear I plan on talking about a diner not within the geographical confines of the state I call home. Though there are many that deserve a mention, and they almost certainly will get one at some point; the White Haven Family Diner in White Haven, PA stands as one of the foremost examples of what a diner should strive to be.

The Grub:

If you aren't already familiar, diners, when at their very best, are a simple creature on the surface and mired in nuance if you care to pay attention. Like all things, the devil is in the details. White Haven Family Diner has a very simple menu - sandwiches (so many sandwiches!), platters, burgers and breakfast. Not complicated right? Seemingly not, but the complexity lies in the care and experience with which each and every dish is made. For an example, lets start with their hamburgers - rather than a conventional quarter ponder, a massive beef patty eclipses the bun on which its placed, smash-cooked and seared to crispy perfection on the flat top. One of the best I've had. Their breakfast is generously portioned and the eggs are always cooked perfectly to order with amazing, crispy, salty home fries on the side. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention - their coffee. If a diner makes a good cup of coffee then by extension you know everything else is going to be on par and here is no exception. Sometimes diner coffee is made carelessly, it comes out too weak or too bitter or burned - not at White Haven Family Diner. Every cup is perfect, just like every trip I take to this amazing little spot.

My Order:

(or 2 eggs with bacon and home fries if it's still breakfast time)

The Digs:

The White Haven Family Diner is located just off of exit 273 on Route 80 in, you guessed it, White Haven, PA. While it doesn't sport the gleaming chrome exterior of a New Jersey diner, it is every bit the same on the inside. Unapologetic and representative of a past not so far gone, everything from the design to the pricing to the service is old-school - and I mean that in a good way. If you are looking for a completely authentic representation of Americana with none of the kitsch you will definitely find it here. It even shows in their hours of operation, which, FYI, are 6AM to 3PM - so if you can't make it for an early breakfast or a late lunch, just show up the next day!

The Nitty Gritty:

A diner worth the trip to PA for - and that's from a "Jersey" guy.

White Haven Family Diner
302 Main St,
White Haven, PA

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