T&Thai Restaurant - Cliffside Park

T&Thai Restaurant, Fort Lee, NJ
Ah, Thai food; a cuisine so ubiquitous to the New York metropolitan area, yet so hard to get right. Any restaurant can cook up a Pad-Thai, Tom-Yum soup or Drunken Noodles. The question is - can they do it correctly? If you are looking for down-home, grandma style Thai food, then look no further than T&Thai Restaurant in Cliffside Park, NJ.

The location has undergone an incredible transformation in the past 2 years: they closed, changed ownership, renovated and came back better than ever. The first thing you will notice is the warm and welcoming service as the waitress consistently seats patrons with a smile.

The next thing to note is the extensive menu of traditional Thai classics, including changing and thoughtfully selected specials. My orders have included spring rolls, Pad-Thai, mango sticky rice for dessert and mango juice to wash it all down - each as delicious as the last. These dishes are outstanding, but the star items on the menu are under their curries. I promise you will not find a better Thai Curry in the tri-state area. The Massaman is sweet and spicy with multiple layers of flavor - I can't suggest it highly enough. The Hawaiian Pineapple is unique to the restaurant and bursting with fruity and coconut accents. The Red, Green and Panang curries are also incredible, it just depends what flavor profile you are in the mood for! T&Thai truly stands out as an under the radar culinary gem in the NY/NJ area.

Reviewed by: Amanda Z. for the New Jersey Foodhound

T&Thai Restaurant
644 Anderson Ave, 
Cliffside Park, NJ 

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