Sushi House - Fort Lee

Sushi House, Fort Lee
Are you looking for reasonably priced, high quality sushi? Of course you are. Since were on that topic, I feel like I have the perfect place in mind. Sushi House in Fort Lee is one of the better, and maybe the best sushi place in the area. If somehow that is proven factually incorrect, I will go ahead and default to "its my favorite, now get off my back!" Now, there are places where you could spend a lot more and get a very high quality product, and there are a few places where the opposite is true. So I felt it would be worth it to point out the best of both worlds in Sushi House.

The Grub:

As you may have guessed, they serve sushi here. Sarcasm aside, it's really good. Sushi House offers the traditional set of  rolls you might find at most sushi bars, as well as a decent-sized list of their specialty rolls and a-la carte sushi. I highly suggest their spider roll with deep fried soft-shell crab, I get it nearly every time I go and its phenomenal. They also make an excellent rock roll with eel, shrimp tempura, crab meat and tobiko. Whatever rolls I end up ordering, I always throw a few pieces of a-la carte in there, yellow tail and tuna are my favorites. You really can't go wrong with anything you pick, the fish is always extremely fresh and the preparation is consistent.

My Order:

Spider Roll
California Roll
2 Pieces Yellowtail
2 Pieces Tuna

The Digs:

Sushi House is a relatively small mom-and-pop storefront located on a fairly busy road in Fort Lee. While both the exterior and interior are nothing special in terms of design, that's completely fine because it's always clean and the food quality is superb. The restaurant does a lot of take out business but has a small dining room with a handful of tables. There are typically only two people working here, so service is personal and everything comes out of the kitchen in the order in which it was received - a point worth keeping in mind. There is no direct parking lot to speak of, but there is a small lot attached to the same complex less than a block away, as well as plenty of street parking.

The Nitty Gritty:

High quality sushi at a great price - well worth your regular business.

Sushi House
1562 Lemoine Ave, 
Fort Lee, NJ 

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