Baohaus - Manhattan

Baohaus, New York, New York
I was first introduced to Eddie Huang's Baohaus by Anthony Bourdain on an episode of his landmark TV series - No Reservations. Might I add, I have never been lead astray by Tony, R.I.P. That said, this was one of the first restaurants my (at the time) new girlfriend and I wanted to try together - and it has since ended up becoming one of our favorite food-on-the-go spots when we visit Downtown Manhattan.

The Grub:

The menu isn't very long here and it doesn't have to be. It's that damn good. They offer a handful of variations on the gua bao, also known as just bao or Chinese bun - usually filled with pork belly. Which, as it so happens is one of the options, dubbed the "Chairman Bao," along with a fried chicken bao dubbed "Birdhaus." Rounding out the menu are tofu, fried fish and spicy chicken bao, all with their own cleaver moniker. Add a side of Taro fries if you're extra hungry and grab a Lang Lang, basically a Chinese Arnold Palmer - so good.

My Order:

3 bao - I always switch it up
Taro Fries
Lang Lang

The Digs:

To say these guys operate out of a hole in the wall would be an accurate statement. The kitchen takes up about 50% of the interior space, with a small seating area and bathroom if the weather is crappy. If it isn't, why would you sit inside anyway? Grab your bao and go dine al-fresco on the sidewalk, perhaps sit on the bench just outside the door and people watch. Baohaus is a short walk, about 3 blocks from the 14th St. Union Square train station.

The Nitty Gritty:

Skip the fast food and grab yourself a bao.

238 E 14th St,
New York, NY

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