Abiko Curry - Palisades Park

When most people think of Japanese cuisine, foods such as sushi, tempura and ramen often come to mind. Those who dig deeper into the diverse culinary offerings of Japan will be astounded by the flavors of soba noodles, various pickles and of course, curry. Yes, curry is another incredible, complex and addictive Japanese food offering. Curious? Head over to Abiko Curry, located in the food mecca of Palisades Park, NJ.

When crossing the threshold, one senses are treated to a preview of the delicious food to come. The spicy sweet smell of curry permeates the air supported by the aroma of crispy-fried pork and chicken katsu. The options for curry range from the basic curry and veggies, chicken, pork or shrimp to the interesting and quite tasty bacon-spinach option. Whatever you choose, it traditionally is served along with rice, but can also be enjoyed with udon noodles. Abiko also offers combo sets that come with katsu, rice and curry and a soda too! 

As a fair warning, you get to pick your level of spice for the curry, ranging from 1-5. Number one spice is mild enough for 99% of the population. Number 2 will make you sweat and drink lots of water, but for those who like their meal spicy its quite good. Number 3+ is for veteran spice aficionados only. Start with the mildest level and work your way up over multiple visits to this restaurant. All of the dishes are outstanding, my order typically is a number 1 spice level with udon noodles and pork curry. I can also recommend the pork katsu set with rice as a another favorite menu item. Whatever you order, I can promise that you will not be disappointed, just exercise caution with the spice level.

Service is prompt and polite with no frills. The wooden tables have a drawer on the side that holds napkins, chopsticks and spoons which is fun. Parking out back is limited so you may have to find street parking nearby. Enjoy!

Reviewed by Amanda Z. for The New Jersey Foodhound

Abiko Curry
108 Broad Ave, 
Palisades Park, NJ 

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