The Distillery - Manhattan

The Distillery, Manhattan, NY
I don't know about you, but I happen to be a gin junkie. Actually, that may be going a little far but suffice it to say I like the stuff quite a bit. My cocktail of choice for the past few years has been a high-shelf gin-and-tonic at nearly any establishment serving booze. I also happen to like cheap lunch spots, or at least ones where you get great value for your money. With those two things in mind, let me tell you about my favorite work-time lunch spot in Manhattan - The Distillery.

The Grub:

Now don't get me wrong, there are a number of places to get a good burger and cocktail in the city. Probably too many to list without having to start over by the time you finished (even popular ones can go out of business!) With that in mind, working in the city one has to take into account the walking distance from work and duration of the lunch in question - which brought me eventually to the door of The Distillery. All-in-all its a very simple pub, but where it really shines is in its great selection of top-shelf gin and whiskey. These you can order straight obviously, or have one of their terrific gin-and-tonics or whiskey cocktails from the menu - which I highly suggest. I'd point to one specifically but it just so happens that I enjoy them all, so pick what sounds best and order away. As mentioned, try showing up at lunch hour to get their $10 Burger special for lunch - huge for the price compared to other places on 9th Ave and comes with fries (not an extra charge here!).

My Order:

Burger Lunch Special
Tanqueray 10 cocktail

The Digs:

The Distillery has a decently sized location just south of 53rd Street on 9th Ave in Hell's Kitchen. Great decor and ambiance on the inside, gives it a very antique feel to match the cocktails on the menu. The front houses their bar and bar table section, where the back has more of a traditional dining room feel. Also worth noting - they open their front bay doors in the summer to let in the fresh air! Great staff and the service is always friendly and very prompt.

The Nitty Gritty:

My favorite place to get lunch in Hell's Kitchen, maybe the whole city.

The Distillery
785 9th Ave,
New York,
NY 10019

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