Rumba Cubana - Guttenberg

Rumba Cubana, Guttenberg
Shortly after moving to the North Bergen area from Staten Island, my girlfriend and I were on the lookout for some good, local restaurants within walking distance of our new apartment. Lucky for us, Rumba Cubana in Guttenberg was a short 3-block walk away. After a cocktail or two and a great dinner - we knew we had found a new regular spot. 

The Grub:

There are two things you really need to know if you've never been to Rumba - the drinks are strong, and the food is good. Really broad statements I know - but in my defense, I like strong drinks and good food and I love a restaurant that does both well. The first thing you should concern yourself with upon sitting down at your table is ordering a cocktail. The server will present you with a tablet menu with more drinks that I would care to count. Suffice it to say all the classic Cuban and Caribbean cocktails make an appearance here, but I would suggest a traditional caipirinha or mojito to start (I wont look down on you if you choose a mango or passion fruit version!)  Rumba has, in my opinion, a pretty extensive menu of appetizers, street food and traditional entrees to fit whatever mood you're in. Empanada trios, tostones, ceviche and tamales are just a few suggestions to pair with your first mojito. After that, I could suggest an entree of Lechon Asado - perfectly roasted pork, Vaca Frita - pan seared beef with onions and rice, or Pollo Dulce - sauteed chicken in a sweet garlic sauce. I could pretty much list the whole menu because its all delicious, but that would be a waste of your time. Head over to Rumba Cubana and see what I mean for yourself!

My Order:

classic Mojito
Pollo Vaca Frita

The Digs:

Rumba operates out of three locations, but the one I always frequent is on Kennedy Blvd. East in Guttenberg, NJ. The restaurant has a lot of dining space, and often features parties or events in one capacity or another. It is often extremely popular and crowded, especially Friday through Sunday - so I would highly suggest making a reservation. On weekdays it shouldn't be to much trouble to find a table, but you might want to call ahead just in case. The Guttenberg location has two bars, a main floor bar and an upstairs cocktail lounge if you are just looking to have a few drinks. They offer valet parking on location, but if you don't want to pay you will have to find a space on the streets surrounding the restaurant. This can prove to be challenging at times so be prepared.

The Nitty Gritty:

Great food, strong drinks, good service - end of story.

Rumba Cubana
6909 John F. Kennedy Blvd,
Guttenberg, NJ

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