Martha's Country Bakery - NYC

Martha's Country Bakery, NYC
For those not in the know, today is May 15th - a day on which we celebrate the great American treasure: The Chocolate Chip Cookie. On national Chocolate Chip cookie day, lovers of the ubiquitous dessert can come together and reflect on such a perfect creation. One may find that they can pick up cookies for free in various locations across the country, if they be so adventurous. While this isn't going to be an article about that, I do plan to talk about one of the best places I have found to pick up a chocolate chip cookie, or any baked good for that matter, at Martha's Country Bakery.

The Grub:

In my humble opinion, Martha's is a bakery and cafe of the highest caliber. They offer an extremely wide variety of baked goods - and I truly mean that. You can find all manner of breads, cupcakes, cookies, cakes, pies and anything in between. While you may be able to stump them with the odd request, they will almost certainly have something to fit every taste (and they also recently began offering a few vegan cakes too for those with dietary concerns!). Martha's has a comprehensive beverage menu that includes a variety of caffeinated and non-caffeinated drinks both hot and cold to go along with your pastry. If it happens to be a hot day, they even have you covered with gelato in a few of their locations! While it would be extremely hard for me to choose my favorites, I can definitely make a few suggestions on what to order first. As previously mentioned, their chocolate chip cookies are some of the best I've had outside my mom's kitchen. While you're at it, treat yourself to one of their strawberry and chocolate ganache cupcakes - they blow my mind apart every time. Lastly, might I suggest their Key Lime pie which is by far one of the best I have ever tasted. A perfect blend of sweet and tart, kind-of makes me want one right now to tell the truth.

My Order:

Iced Coffee
Strawberry Cupcake
2 Chocolate chip cookies

The Digs:

Martha's has a number of locations in Brooklyn and Queens and you honestly can't go wrong at any of them. I very much appreciate that they have expanded and been able to keep a very consistent product while maintaining a home-like feel. The locations range in size, the biggest one I've been in so far was in Forest Hills in queens. They all typically function as a sit down or take out establishment, with table service inside to one degree or another. The service is always friendly and there are typically a number of people behind the counter, as the shop can get extremely busy and lines long at times. Martha's tends to experience busy periods around any holiday with special orders, so keep that in mind before heading over or placing and order yourself.

The Nitty Gritty:

Martha's is one of the best country-style bakeries in the 5 boroughs, hands down.

Martha's Country Bakery
70-28 Austin Street 
Forest Hills, NY 11375 

(Various other Queens and Brooklyn Locations)

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