Wong Good Hand Pull Noodle - Brooklyn

Wong Good Hand Pull Noodle, Brooklyn
Hand pulled noodles are bangin', slammin', crackin', they're the bees knees, the cream of the crop and also top of the class. There are a number of places around the city where hand pulled noodles can be found, and a lot of them are very good. One of my personal favorites is located off the beaten path, just north of the N line in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn. Wong Good Hand Pull Noodle is exactly as the name suggests, good, hand-pulled, noodles. Duh.

The Grub:

Now, if you ask me what they serve here, I'd have to answer that question with a question by saying "Did you not hear their name?" If that somehow doesn't clear things up, or you just want a bit more specificity, let me elaborate. Wong has a long list of dishes that use either their fried, or boiled hand pulled noodles as a base and adds some trimmings. These could be veggies, pork, beef, fish, duck and even some of the offal bits. You can also have their noodles in soup if you so wish (I highly suggest this in winter especially). They also have some insanely good dumplings and other bits and bites on the menu, basically you can't go wrong at Wong's if you like authentic Chinese food.

My Order:

Fried hand pulled noodles with pork
Fried dumplings

The Digs:

Wong Good Hand Pull Noodle is a small shop just off of 8th Ave. in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn. Not too many tables inside, so try to only bring a date and not a large party. Its also no-frills if you catch my drift, expect really good food, decent service and a well worn eating area. If you're a hipster with a mind to nitpick all the details, you should probably just steer clear rather than leave a bad yelp review for a table that wasn't cleaned before you sit down. If you're driving it you'll have to find street parking, public transport is a little better with the N line just a few blocks away. 

The Nitty Gritty:

A must for the seeker of amazing, legit Chinese food.

Wong Good Hand Pull Noodle
5924 8th AveBrooklyn, NY 11220
Borough Park, Dyker Heights
b/t 60th St & 59th St.

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