So Gong Dong Tofu and BBQ - Edgewater

SGD - So Gong Dong Tofu and BBQ, Edgewater, NJ
Before we even moved to the area, my girlfriend and I would explore Bergen and Hudson county for food as a diverse and cost effective alternative to NYC. In doing so, we happened upon what is now, arguably our favorite Korean restaurant. Now, there is no shortage of good Korean fare in the area to be sure, but when it comes to the combination of flavor, consistency, service and overall satisfaction, So Gong Dong Tofu and BBQ comes out on top.

The Grub:

First off, there are a lot of things that I would suggest ordering here. The menu is a delightful arrangement of flavors and textures that speak to the Korean desire to satisfy whatever it is you might be craving. Every meal starts with the 6 house banchan (side dishes) - spicy pickled cucumbers, fried fish cake, pickled seaweed, pickled radish, kimchi and pickled bean sprouts, all of which are excellent. We usually end up blowing clean through a first serving and ordering a second. SGD also offers a few appetizers - I would highly suggest the fried dumplings if you haven't filled up on banchan yet. Depending on your mood, I would highly suggest getting one of their hot stone pot bibimbap dishes, all of which come to the table inside a sizzling hot stone pot as the name suggests - or perhaps one of their tofu stews which are seen by many as a general cure for the cold day blues. Another favorite I can highly suggest are their BBQ Beef short ribs, trust when I say you will walk away satisfied.

My Order:

-fried dumplings
-pork hot stone bibimbap

The Digs:

SGD is located in the back portion of a medium-sized strip mall in Edgewater, NJ which isn't so visible from the road so be sure to pay attention to the strip mall signs along River Road. The restaurant has a modern, wide-open, well lit interior which is great if you don't like to feel cramped when dining out. The service here has always been excellent, attentive staff and usually pretty quick even if they get busy - which can happen especially on the weekends. In the back they have a great view of the Hudson River, and in the summer time you can choose to dine out on their dock-front for that "al-fresco" feel. 

The Nitty Gritty:

Consistent, flavorful and filling every time - definitely worth a trip.

So Gong Dong Tofu and BBQ
(201) 945-5106

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