Amy's Bread - Manhattan

Amy's Bread, New York, NY
Hell's Kitchen is a great place to work, always lively and never short on food options. If your in the mood for something of the baked variety and find yourself in the neighborhood, then you definitely need to stop by Amy's Bread. Now, don't me wrong, there is a lot of good bread to be found in NYC. Some people say its the water. I think its a lot of talented people that have refined the skill of baking over long careers. And, maybe just a little bit the water.

The Grub:

It goes without saying that Amy's has bread, and a great variety at that - they have 20+ options to choose from on a regular basis - along with seasonal and special items. The sourdough, French baguette and olive sticks are a few of my favorite things to get here. If you have a hankering for something a bit more sweet, don't worry Amy's has you covered. They offer cakes, cupcakes cookies and and a number of other delicious treats. You can never go wrong with a chocolate chip cookie, or a piece of their Brooklyn Blackout cake along with a nice hot cup of coffee, which is also excellent by the way. If you need to pick up something quick for breakfast they make amazing croissants, danishes and sticky buns, along with a long list of other great pastries. If you need a healthy spot for lunch, you can find sandwiches (on their home-made breads), salads, small pizzas and quiche, something for everyone!

My Order:

2 olive sticks
1 baguette

The Digs:

Amy's runs out of a charming little storefront on 9th Ave with a very old school feel. Nicely arranged, well lit counter and display lets customers see everything they have to offer for the day. Small seating area in back for dine in (no table service), or take your food out and dine al-fresco!

The Nitty Gritty:

Just really good baked stuff. Go there.

Amy's Bread
(212) 462-4338

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