The Keyport Fishery - Keyport

Keyport Fishery, Keyport, NJ
Do you love fresh fried seafood? I know I do. It reminds me of my childhood spent at the Hans Pederson & Sons marina tending to my fathers sailboat, which happens to be across the street from the Keyport Fishery. The smell of the ocean, the soft clanking sound of lines hitting masts in the wind, the warm breeze - all a fantastic backdrop for the meal ahead. Grab yourself a heaping plate of fish, find a bench and chow down.

The Grub:

I can't get enough fried seafood, especially in the summertime - and given a choice I'm going to get it from the Keyport Fishery. I won't say they have every fish in the sea, but they do have basically anything you could find yourself craving. Platters mounded with flounder, shrimp, clam strips, whiting, smelts, calamari, scallops - or combinations of these served piping hot atop golden fries. Always super fresh, consistent and cooked to perfection. They also have a sandwich menu worth checking out: lobster, grouper, crab cake, haddock and the list goes on. Do you find yourself more in the mood to cook at home? Well, the Keyport Fishery has you covered with fresh fish by the pound. Just be sure to bring a cooler to keep the products at peak freshness for your trip home.

My Order:

- Clam strips platter
- can of soda

The Digs:

Old school establishment, no frills at all. Pretty much a fish monger and fry combo with little to no seating. Its best to go on a nice day so you can dine al-fresco on the wharf across the street. Parking on site available or across the street in the municipal lot. Might I suggest bringing some picnic gear and spending a little bit of time by the water.

The Nitty Gritty:

Best fried fish I can find in NJ. 

Keyport Fishery
150 W Front St
Keyport, NJ

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