ShabuRo - Palisades Park

ShabuRo, Palisades Park, NJ
Oh shabu-shabu, I'm so glad I found you. What the hot pot has provided us before, you have certainly perfected. Never have I experienced dining that is at the same time so communal and yet so personal. Crafting your own special bowl of bubbling soupy goodness with vegetables, meats and noodles galore, there are few things I find myself craving more. Look at me, getting mildly poetic.

The Grub:

For the uninitiated, shabu-shabu is a meal consisting of your own personal bowl of boiling hot broth, with a myriad of vegetables, fish bites, noodles and dumplings you throw in, along with thinly sliced meat or fresh seafood. Once you cook everything to your liking, there are sauces, oh so many sauces to dip your cooked goodies into. Then, you can get crazy and combine the sauces to create even more flavors - it is truly some of the most fun you can have dining in my opinion. Pay a set price for your broth, then have at the unlimited wall of noodles, dumplings, vegetables, and various fish balls/sticks - then pay extra if you wish for an array of thinly sliced meats and fresh seafood (un-sliced). There's really not much else to say other than when I feel hungry, and I do mean hungry, only one place comes to mind.

My Order:

- Pork bone broth and then I go to town

The Digs:

Nice clean modern interior and the layout is set so that everything you need is in view. A very large cooler wall in the back with the help-yourself food, along with a sauce bar (3 sets of the same sauces) and a square bar of bottled sauces and assorted spices. Each table has multiple hot plates that the user can control as desired. Just make sure you keep the temperature regulated on your soup or it will boil over in no time!

The Nitty Gritty:

Hands down one of my favorite eating experiences.

Shabu Ro 520 bergen Blvd
Store #2
Palisades Park, NJ

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