Rancho Mateo - North Bergen

Rancho Mateo, North Bergen, NJ
Sometimes you just feel like eating a giant pile of grilled meat. When that feeling hits you there could be nothing better than Colombian Picada. My girlfriend and I happened upon this spot while taking a walk through the park in North Bergen. All I can say is, if the food in Colombia is this good I have to book a trip ASAP.

The Grub:

First off, the food here is, as my New Jersey upbringing mandates I say; strait bangin'. If you're unfamiliar with local parlance that is to say - absolutely great. Rancho offers numerous appetizers and conventional dishes along with a full array of drinks to accompany them. Now, I've always been a meat guy; unless my doctor tells me to quit, I always will be. That being the case, I can think of few better temples to my devoted love than Rancho Mateo. As soon as you enter, you are greeted with no less than an uppercut to your olfactory senses - grilled meats, grilled meats, and more grilled meats - over real charcoal. The Picada is certainly the star of the show here, and features a variety of meats grilled over a conical grill, set to spin over an open flame to ensure proper heat distribution and even cooking over all the tender bits that will eventually be piled on your plate. These meats include ribs, steak, chicken, chorizo and blood sausage, kept company typically by potato, yuca, plantain and corn cakes. Everything a growing boy needs.

My Order:

- Tostones with guacamole 
- Picada for two
- Caipirinha

The Digs:

Mateo has a lively, fun interior with a rustic feel that definitely puts you in the mood to eat and drink, if not party hard. I liken it to being outside at a friend's BBQ while indoors. Enough space for you, and definitely for a party should you choose to bring one. The bar is centrally located and colorfully lit which always puts me in the mood for a drink. On site and valet parking is available, but if you're like me and don't like someone else driving your car, street parking is available a short walk away in the park - which is also a great place to walk off the giant meal you just had.

The Nitty Gritty:

Piles of amazing grilled meat and cocktails, need I say more?

Rancho Mateo
9011 Palisade Ave
North Bergen, NJ

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