Pahal Zan - Queens

Pahal Zan, Forrest Hills, Queens, NYC
You may think this insane but, I hadn't tried falafel or any Middle Eastern food before finding this little gem, and I now know how ultimately spoiled I have become. Having had it many times since, I can say with absolute certainty this is one of the best places serving the fare. If I'm honest, it's one of the best places I have ever eaten. Period, end of story.

The Grub:

Pahal Zan offers a small but efficient menu of Middle Eastern classics with an Israeli focus. Shawarma, kebab, falafel, salads - you name it they have it, and it's all so damn tasty. Get it on a platter, get it on a pita, it doesn't matter. The flavors they coax out of the food here absolutely blow my mind every single time. While everything is great, the true highlight here is the falafel pita sandwiches. Packed with hummus, falafel, 3-5 different salads and topped with tahini and spicy sauce, these pita sandwiches are an astounding amalgam of flavors that struggle to find a rival anywhere in the culinary sphere. The guys who run the shop are extremely friendly, so if you want to customize the salads on your sandwich let them know! If your not a falafel person, do everything I just said above with some chicken shawarma, take it under the train bridge to the square and eat al-fresco. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

My Order:

- 2 Falafel pita sandwiches (with spicy buddy!)
- any Israeli juice in stock

The Digs:

Small hole in the wall spot that would be very easy to miss if driving. Very close to public transportation: E/F @ 71st or the LIRR just above on the train platform. There's little to no seating inside - just a few stools under thin wall mounted tables. They do have a very handy hand washing station so you can eat your pita with clean mitts. I prefer taking my sandwich and other goodies a few feet away to the benches in the public square. If you were thinking about trying to park here, don't; it's Queens after-all.

The Nitty Gritty:

Get yourself a falafel pita and wait for the question: "You want spicy buddy?!"

Pahal Zan
106-12 71st Ave
Forest Hills, NY

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