Mitsuwa Marketplace - Edgewater

Mitsuwa Marketplace, Edgewater, NJ
A few years back when I was living and working in Staten Island, a co-worker of mine casually suggested "If you like Japanese food, you HAVE to check out Mitsuwa." Naturally I immediately googled it and found my next culinary destination. My suggestion: make it yours too.

The Grub:

Mitsuwa above all else is a small supermarket chain that provides a very wide variety of Japanese and other Asian ingredients to the community at reasonable prices. This location is the only one on the East Coast and I am so glad that its a short drive from my house. On our first trip we spent nearly two hours touring the isles, exploring all of the different sauces, spices, candy, snack foods, produce and ingredients that we had never seen before and are nearly impossible to find elsewhere. They have one of the best selections of fresh fish I have ever seen, much of it sushi grade, as well as a fantastic meat section that includes real Wagyu beef and pre-sliced shaub meat. In the far corner they have a beautiful smorgasbord of prepared foods and packaged sushi that they make in house daily. If you are interested in adding some alcoholic flair to your shopping experience, a large variety of Japanese imported beer, sake, soju and whiskey also wait to accompany you home. Then, once you are done with all the shopping (or perhaps before if you want to avoid impulse buying) Mitsuwa has a fairly large food-court with 9 food vendors cooking up tempura bowls, rice balls, ramen and much more. I'll be sure to highlight the best of these vendors in future reviews, so keep an eye out!

My Order:

-It's a supermarket so I tend to go crazy

The Digs:

The market is well organized, has a proper layout, and is always clean. The staff are attentive and helpful. Food, especially the fish, produce and meats are always fresh. The food court is fairly large, but tends to get extremely crowded on weekends, so go early or go prepared to wait for your food, your table or both. They do have a decent size parking lot, but again, on weekends or on nice days it tends to fill up fast and be rather crowded. Also worth checking out is the Japanese book store adjacent to the market.

The Nitty Gritty:

If you love Japanese food or culture you have to stop in here.

Mitsuwa Marketplace
595 River Rd,
NJ 07020

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