Menya Sandaime - Fort Lee

Menya Sandaime, Fort Lee, NJ
For the uninitiated, ramen noodle soup may be one of the greatest food inventions ever devised by man. Those familiar with ramen are well aware of this fact. If you are in search of a complexly flavored, multi-textured, deeply satisfying meal then a big bowl of ramen noodle soup is just what the doctor ordered. Also looking for value? Want house made noodles? Then your search is over my friend, join me at Menya Sandaime.

The Grub:

Ramen is the feature dish here and you will find little else on the menu. I have made a point to try every variety and honestly, I like them all - but I do have my favorites. Typically when I'm in the mood, my first choice is a bowl of miso ramen, but at Menya my suggestion would be to skip over the typical choices and go strait for the black ramen; a steaming hot bowl of black-bonito infused tonkotsu broth with all the trimmings. The smokey, complex bonito flavor combined with the light, delicate tonkotsu broth is truly a beauty to behold. Aside from the ramen there are 3 small plates/sides you can choose to accompany your meal: beyond perfectly fried pork gyoza, a mini butadon (small bowl of marinated pork over rice), or mini gyudon (the same as the pork bowl but beef) - all of which are definitely worth a try. Order yourself a ramune to wash it all down and you have yourself one of the most authentic experiences the area has to offer.

My Order:

-Pork gyoza
-Black ramen

The Digs:

Menya operates out of an unassuming little spot that, to be honest looks more like a house than a restaurant from the outside. Inside though is a cozy, modern Japanese theme with tables and a bar area (though no alcohol is served here). Service has always been extremely friendly, fast and accommodating. The only downside being they suffer from a lack of parking; a small lot in back and one spot out front makes it tough - try street parking down the block near the park for more luck.

The Nitty Gritty:

Serious ramen for the serious eater.

Menya Sandaime
1638 Parker Ave,
Fort Lee, NJ

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