Hiram's Roadstand - Fort Lee

Hirams Roadstand, Fort Lee, NJ
I’d be lying if I said I came upon this place by chance. While watching an episode of the late, great, Anthony Bourdain’s show No Reservations, I was clued into its existence, and now I consider my life forever changed. How could that be you ask? Well let’s just say that proper drive-in fare has lead me to forgo the American fast-food chain forever. The help is surly, the food is piping hot and the drinks are cold – exactly what I’ve come to expect and love from an NJ institution.

The Grub:

The menu here isn’t big and it doesn’t have to be. Burgers, fries and the oh-so-famous ripper hot dog are the main attractions here. The burgers are the small utility burgers that remind me of some of the best moments in my childhood, and I’m always sure to order one with fried onions. Fries are crispy and perfect each and every time I go, which is good because if nothing else I’m a stickler for consistency. Last but not least the rippers – deep fried hot dogs – the absolute best of their breed (if you think there’s a better location in NJ serving this item, you are wrong). Crispy on the outside and fluffy meat perfection on the inside. Cover that with some of their spicy house made chili and sweet Jesus do you have yourself a good meal. Hiram’s also has the conventional list of soda and beer to accompany your meal, but a pro will be sure to order a birch beer strait from the tap.

My Order:

- Burger with fried onions
- Fries
- Ripper chili dog
- Draft Birch Beer

The Digs:

Hiram’s hasn’t changed their décor or much else about it since its opening in the 1930s and if they ever change a thing there will probably be a riot in the locality. The only that I can say is a negative about the entire place is the parking lot which could stand to be bigger, but then would encroach on their outdoor seating area which is a must in the summer months.

The Nitty Gritty:

This place is a ‘can’t miss’, and if you don’t like it, I don’t want to know you.

Hirams Roadstand
1345 Palisade Ave 
Fort Lee, NJ 

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