Artisan Bakers Group - Staten Island

Artisan Bakery Group, Staten Island, NY
I have heard people say that the first step to overcoming addiction is admitting you have a problem. Well my friends, I am a sandwich addict, and I will not repent. My blinding addiction has led me on a hunt for the very best meaty-bread mashup money can buy and I am confident in saying I have found the penultimate sandwich spot. A place so hidden, so secret it was dubbed by my former co-worker "the teamster sandwich spot." (He was a big fan of 30 Rock).

The Grub:

It is first worth noting that the Artisan Bakers Group is not really a restaurant, they are a commercial bakery serving many restaurants in NYC. They do happen to sell sandwiches on the side, out of an unassuming small space adjacent to their baking operation in an industrial park on Staten Island. What they don't have in looks, they make up for 1,000 fold in producing the best god-damn sandwiches I have ever tasted. I mean it, in my entire life I can not think of a better tasting sandwich, and I'm pretty sure my DNA is comprised mainly of turkey clubs and Italian combos. Are you looking for variety? Well then look no further, they have 90, that's right, 90 different sandwiches to choose from each as damn good as the last - and all under 12 bucks. Want to follow up your meal with something sweet? They have you covered with a beautiful selection of pastries and confections - the best of which being their chocolate bread (very limited so call ahead). Long story short, if you even pretend to call yourself a sandwich lover and haven't eaten here then you really don't know what love is.

My Order:

- #58 Turkey, roasted peppers and arugula/balsamic glaze
- Chocolate bread when available

The Digs:

I'm not gonna lie, your going to see this place and wonder if you're in the right spot. Its down a dusty old road on the end of an industrial park at the southern tip of Staten Island, but just trust me when I say its worth the trip. The sandwich shop is in front with the awning. No seating is available so be prepared to eat in your car, or go find one of the many parks to set up and enjoy your food. They also have very strange and limited hours, so try to call ahead for more info.

The Nitty Gritty:

Teamster sandwiches that will knock your socks off.

Artisan Bakery Group
(718) 605-0122

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